Sunday, July 15, 2018

showreel 2017


works done from 2015 to 2017 whilst in framestore and dneg:


Monday, August 01, 2016

showreel 2015


i have put together a new reel from the work done from 2013 to 2015.
so here you go. hope you like it:


Monday, March 03, 2014

showreel 2013


i have put together a new reel from the work done from 2011 to 2013.
so here you go. hope you like it:

there is also a youtube version here, uploaded by theCGbros who where kind enough to want to showcase my work, cheers!


Thursday, January 09, 2014

test string type (small update)


this is a small update to the test string type function. which would propagate to the jc_makeDefWin(), in the same post.

i realised whilst running a few functions, that i had no case for boolean arguments. the reason for this was the possibility of using 1 and 0 as boolean arguments. but just to make things neater, here is a the same small function with boolean case:

def testStringType(string):
    def testType(var):
        def numTest(n):
                return float(n)
                return str(n)
        if var.isdigit():
            return int(var)
        elif  entry == 'True':
            return True
        elif entry == 'False':
            return False
        elif var.isalpha():
            return str(var)
            return numTest(var)
    if ',' in var:
        clean = var.replace(' ', '')
        cleanList = clean.split(',')
        return cleanList
        single = testType(var)
        return single

simply reading if the string is either 'True' or 'False', before checking .isalpha().
you can fin the fully documented (and silly verbose) functions in the previous post.


Sunday, December 01, 2013

recent projects


just to keep the blog flowing and up to date, here is the trailer of the upcoming robocop, where i did a bit a work a few months ago:


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

couple of breakdowns


this was made public recently although the film was released quite a while ago.
still interesting:

and this other one in case you missed it:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

cool python comprehension and maya.cmds


here is a cool and simple way of combining python comprehension and maya.cmds. comprehension is an concise way of populating lists, which means that in a few lines you can run loops and gather elements from, in this case, a few maya commands.

in this example i needed to find all the skinned objects whose weights where not normalised as 'interactive'. therefore, after gathering all objects in the scene, i need to: -find all skinClusters. -check normalizeWeights. -return the transform linked to the skinCluster.

import maya.cmds as mc

def findOddNomalizedSkin():
    # get all shapes
    allshapes = ['mesh','nurbsSurface','nurbsCurve','lattice'])

    # get all skinClusters
    history = [a for a in mc.listHistory(allshapes, pruneDagObjects=True)]
    sCluster = [h for h in history if mc.nodeType(h) == 'skinCluster']
    # check all normalizeWeights
    oddSkinned = [s for s in sCluster if mc.getAttr(s+'.normalizeWeights') != 1]
    # get all transforms if oddSkinned is not empty
        oddSkinnedTransforms = [o for o in mc.listConnections(oddSkinned, type='mesh')]
        return oddSkinnedTransforms
        return None

with what is essentially 4 lines of code i have run a bunch of loops in one-liners via list-returning cmds. this is an example that can be applied to loads of stuff.

keep in mind that for the sake of the example i have avoided doing this to gather my skinClusters:
sCluster ='skinCluster')
in the grand scheme of things one might have separate functions that gather all skinClusters, related shapes, transforms and so on, as they are quite recurrent things, but say this, can be used as series of shell buttoned stuff for checking and pruning.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013



here are a couple of breakdowns of projects i worked in. had the pleasure of working with a very cool rigging team. in these projects: remi, viktor, sam, tom, jimmy and ruth!
you can see a few of my rigs or rigs i collaborated with:


(edit) the dark shadows breakdown has been replaced by the man of steel trailer. so here is their latest vfx reel with other interesting stuff:

(edit) the dark shadows breakdown is back up!:


Thursday, March 21, 2013

test string type


i have not found a way to create a field in a maya window, that will read the contents as something other than text.
when querying a field it will be returned as unicode, therefore here is a simple way to check if that text can be interpreted as a string, float, integer, or some type of list.

this can be useful for windows or many other cases (python only):

def testStringType(string):
    given a string, test if it can be interpreted as a differen type.
    useful for reading text.
    @string = str: string to be tested

    @return = list['this', 'is', 'a', 'tuple']: if string type = this, is, a, tuple
    @return = float(1.0): if string type = 1.0
    @return = int(5): if string type = 5
    @return = str(a123): if string type = a123
    #var is not a list, test type
    def testType(var):
        #var contains numbers, test type
        def numTest(n):
                print 'i am a float!'
                return float(n)
                print 'no! i am actually a str!'
                return str(n)
        #test type                        
        if var.isdigit():
            print 'i am an integer!'
            return int(var)
        elif  entry == 'True' or entry == 'False':
            print 'i am a bool!'
            return bool(entry)  
        elif var.isalpha():
            print 'i am a str!'
            return str(var)
            print 'i look complicated...'
            return numTest(var)
    #test if var is a type of list
    if ',' in var:
        print 'i am a some sort of list!'
        clean = var.replace(' ', '')
        cleanList = clean.split(',')
        return cleanList
        print 'let\'s see what am i...'
        single = testType(var)
        return single     

because we are assuming that we are reading text, the function checks if the text contains comas ',' and if so it will be converted into a list. lists shall be presented in the form: a,b,c,d,1,2,3. additionally we could remove '(', ')', '[', ']' if necessary.

otherwise, we would use the 'types.ListType' and  'types.TupleType', or 'is list' and 'is tuple', but both would return false whilst reading text.

now in maya, used in a practical example, we can create a window, that given a function will create a UI for it. this function needs to return the exact type read from the window and with the above method it is tested and returned correctly.

import maya.cmds as mc

def jc_makeDefWin(myDef):

    creates a window to run given function
    enter function name and run
    @myDef = function: 
    # inspect my function, get arguments and name    
    funArgs = inspect.getargspec(myDef)
    myArgs = funArgs[0]
    name = myDef.__name__+'_win'
    # create window  
    window = mc.window(title=name, iconName=name, widthHeight=(200, 200))
    slots = []
    # create slots for function arguments    
    for i in range(len(myArgs)):
        slot = mc.textFieldGrp(label='arg: '+myArgs[i])
    # read input text and run function
    def run(*args):
        entries = []    
        #read entries
        for i in range(len(slots)):
            entry = mc.textFieldGrp(slots[i], q=True, text=True)
            # func test data type and pass correct (str, int, float)
            def testType(entry):
                def numTest(n):
                        return float(n)                        
                        return str(n)
                if entry.isdigit():
                    return int(entry)
                elif  entry == 'True' or entry == 'False':
                    return bool(entry)
                elif entry.isalpha():
                    return str(entry)
                   return numTest(entry)
            #test if entry is a tuple, add as tuple or type
            if ',' in entry:
                clean = entry.replace(' ', '')
                cleanList = clean.split(',')
                entry = testType(entry)  
    # run button, calls run def    
    mc.button(label='Run', command=run)
    mc.button(label='Close', command=('maya.cmds.deleteUI(\"' + window + '\", window=True)'))

    mm.eval("print \"type jc_makeDefWin(your function!)\"")

python variables into mel.eval


this is rather simple, but not necessarily easy to find.

when calling mel commands you might want to pass variables declared in python, without having to do so in the mel environment first.

the documentation suggests that you might be working on both and might to communicate in-between them (and you can do so only via global variables). in activities such as mine, this is rarely the case.
using the eval function is 99% of the time given by the need to call a mel only command or script not available in python.

to solve this one can use the python() function when opening a "mel statement" via eval, one can call python again.
import maya.cmds as mc
import maya.mel as mm   
collideMainGrp = 'ColisMain_grp', em=1)  
kONode, kOShape, kODrivenGrp = mm.eval('cMuscle_rigKeepOut(python("collideMainGrp"))')

easy! in this case cMuscle_rigKeepOut uses a python variable, instead of having to do stuff like using selection based commands such as cMuscle_rigKeepOutSel whilst selecting stuff in your script, which is a rather unclean alternative.

unfortunately because of the explained above, mel will not read the variable unless it is global. therefore if one where to pass it to a function: 

loc = 'locator1'

def makeKeepOut(obj):
    global keepOut
    keepOut = obj
    kONode, kOShape, kODrivenGrp = mm.eval('cMuscle_rigKeepOut(python("keepOut"))')
    del keepOut
    return kONode, kOShape, kODrivenGrp

this as you can see is not the cleanest way to call mel commands... but! thanks to python formatting we can avoid the variable smuggling and we can just pass stuff as strings. this will not only make for a cleaner and more pythonic code, but shorter too.

we can either use the old %s formatting or str.format(), like so:

collideMainGrp = 'ColisMain_grp', em=1)

# or 
#mm.eval('cMuscle_rigKeepOut("%s")' % collideMainGrp )

when in a function:

def makeKeepOut(obj):

    kONode, kOShape, kODrivenGrp = mm.eval('cMuscle_rigKeepOut("%s")' % obj)
    # or
    #kONode, kOShape, kODrivenGrp = mm.eval('cMuscle_rigKeepOut("{0}")'.format(obj))

    return kONode, kOShape, kODrivenGrp

no need for globals or other fluff... neat and easier to read. (cheers to jakub for suggesting a couple of things)

cMuscle_rigKeepOut, by the way is a maya muscle un-documented command. you can find it in /***/autodesk/maya2012sp1/scripts/muscle/cMuscle.mel , it creates a collision node with a collision vector. needs a muscle object to interact with. handy stuff!

for more information on python formatting and the old %.


Saturday, December 22, 2012



here is my new sollophonic guitar. i am really happy with and would recommend to anyone looking for good sounding instrument. andy solloway was ever so patient with my requirements and questions, delivered on time a fine instrument.

i hope to upload some sounds or video soon, in the mean time i have uploaded more videos (low quality) of gigs in my vimeo page.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

wwz teaser


i found this morning that the first footage for world war z has been released. i worked in this project several months ago and have to say i am pleasantly surprised to see it. it looks promising i reckon:

taken from here.


Friday, October 19, 2012



there have been several changes in my work since i last wrote, starting from my work place.
still, i am working on exciting projects and enjoying it.

i have never really wrote any work specific related posts, but having learnt so much from other people's will to share, i decided not only to put a resources link list. one dedicated to cg and rigging, and one dedicated to anatomy.

i will also, from now on, make an effort to share tips or whatever i might consider relevant to our work.

and to keep things colourful, here is a trailer from a film a worked in a few months ago (updated trailer!):


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

man of steel

first trailer for "man of steel", project i recently worked at mpc:


Thursday, June 21, 2012



i was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the "man of steel" stuff has been made public. i recently worked in the project and it was quite an experience. a good and intense one, but can't say much more about it.

in any case, here are some pictures.

in other news i am currently available for work. primarily as character and rigging td. secondarily as generalist. pay a visit to my website to take a look at my showreels and other work.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


more work done whilst in mpc:


Saturday, April 28, 2012

website updates

hi quick word to say i have been keeping my website up to date. i might do some major re-styling soon, but as of now, come round for a visit. regards

Saturday, March 17, 2012

dark shadows

more recent work:


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

something from this year

here a couple of project in which i have been working for the last months:


Thursday, January 12, 2012

something from last year


there are a few videos of a project in which i a worked by the end of last year.
i think it will be in theaters on 2012 (probably not in many countries) but until then:

check the youtube user for more.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

14 months - bournemouth, masters, london, mpc ...and g


well it's been roughly 14 months since i moved to the uk, and quite a lot has happened in this year and a bit. the main reason for me to come was a masters course which i completed recently and i am happy to say it went really well... you can even take a look at the awards ceremony here (although it is a couple of hours long i am among the first to go up at minute 14.00) gown and all.

also, as suggested in my previous post i recently moved to london. have been here for almost two months and it has been quite the experience. new flat, new neighbourhood, new commute, new job, new everything.
i have been working as a rigger in film at mpc for almost a month now and that too been a great change. being used to very small or medium studios, freelancing from home and also different cultures and places, this has been a massive change, of which for obvious reasons i can't speak much about. i can tell you only that i am working in some big awesome projects, scripting a lot and enjoying it!


Monday, October 17, 2011

a "little" bit of everything


i am not sure if people are still following this blog, that i started quite a while ago with the idea of sharing news and information with remote friends and family. i hope you can participate and comment; i have started to believe that i might be "talking" to myself, and therefore might start decreasing my activity.

now, the really important news... i am now living in the brand new city, with a brand new job. really excited about it all, after having very happily finished my masters. not only that: it is not only me, but it is two of us with exciting new jobs, and hopefully a brand new flat to come! as always, i rather keep news a little cryptic and let you either contact me directly or hunt around!


ps. the picture is relatively unrelated... i have to start taking more pictures.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

showreel 2011


i finally have a new showreel.
actually 2, a character TD:


and a generalist one:


hope you liked them.
i am currently available for work so feel free to post or contact me, for this or to comment, critic, and other matters.


Saturday, August 06, 2011

more mice (a cat) and men


the short was finished a while ago, but has not yet been made public in the internet. however i found this clip googleing about:


hopefully i will be able to publish the whole thing soon.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a kinesiology guide for riggers and animators


i have been working as a rigger for a while. researching body mechanics is always a part of our work but unfortunately we do not always study body mechanics from a kinesiological point of view, but by combining observation with anatomical studies.

i recently had the time to make one (of hopefully many) guides to body mechanics for riggers and animators. this can viewed as the first chapter that concentrates in joint behaviour. hopefully i will have the time to describe this in detail and involvement of other systems in new chapters to this paper.

i hope you find it useful and can contribute with comments and critiques.

it is important to underline that the guide does not pretend to be a manual on joint placement or joint limitations in a 3d environment. it is again, a guide, to hopefully create systems more consciously and have a starting point when analysing or creating organic structures.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

the hosts at bu


this is a short film i participated in recently.
i took care of the production, character design, modelling, texturing and some effects.

production blog:
some breakdowns, turntables and so:

hope you like it.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

uk && mice (a cat) & men - preview

really have been enjoying my time here, trying to learn as much as i can and making the best of it. however i have been fairly busy and have not been able to post much news lately.
work keeps going on mice (a cat) & men and i wanted to share a shot that the good people back in the studio finished recently (if you are reading this trough buzz or other, please visit my blog as the video might not be displayed):

animation was done by my colleagues, and i have to say how nice it is to see characters properly interacting in-between themselves and mostly with the environment!
a new still as well:


Saturday, September 25, 2010


a quick note to tell those of you who might not know, that i have again moved and will be here for a while this time.

i also just added a couple of recent projects on my site, so hopefully you'll pay a visit and check them out.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mice (a cat) & men

i wanted to share with you some stuff from a short film i recently worked on. the short film is around 20 minutes long, and it hasn't been completed yet, but there are a trailer and a series of making of's.

-trailer (in which i did not work)
-making of and blog
-facebook page (some images and info)

i specifically rigged 5 out the 8 main characters, quite a few props and something like 11 secondary characters. the rigging work was done together by me and the lead animator in around 5 months (including long pauses). the short has been on production for almost a year an a half, and to my knowledge should be finished soon.

i hope you like it, and i hope to be able to publish the finished thing soon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


finally!!! finally, finally here is the first part of the all new "local" series from "miarte". it took me a while, first cause i have had no spare time what so ever, and second cause i have been trying to gather good material. this series will be called .0. as there is no way to define exactly how many videos will it contain. i really hope you enjoy it, and hopefully new videos, from this and other series, will come very soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010


as usual i share the latest works i have participated in. you can watch them on my site, but here are vimeo versions (better quality, can be embedded and so on).

a new music video for juno:

and a new mcdonalds spot, for the world-cup:

Thursday, June 03, 2010


so, after much consideration, and bearing in mind that i do hate to talk "publicly" about this sort of arguments, i have decided to write this post about it anyways.

not only that, but the reason to write this blog in english has always been pretty clear. i am communicating with people from different places and the best chance i have for as many of you to understand what i say is by choosing this here language (taking as i have, my chances with it and my ignorance). now given that the argument at hand it's pretty local, as my life tends to be in the periods i spend here, this language choice is to be questioned and answered: spanish.


estoy preocupado, tengo tristeza y miedo.

hace poco decidí que por primera vez en mi vida voy a votar en las corrientes elecciones presidenciales de mi país, colombia. voy a votar no porque haya llegado a creer en una maquinaria política o social siquiera, no porque piense que efectivamente mi voto pueda tener algún efecto plausible, o porque adhiera a un partido o crea efectivamente en lo que dice "mi" candidato, ni siquiera voy a votar creyendo que mi voto venga considerado legalmente (viendo la historia de votaciones y de legalidad en general de mi país); voy a votar, en cambio, como le contaba a un amigo mio recientemente, para no sentirme solo.

porque ahora? la cosa que sucede es muy sencilla pero al mismo tiempo, que yo sepa, es innovadora o por lo menos históricamente mas generalizada de lo que jamas se ha visto. como dice alguna película: las personas son inteligentes, amables y respetuosas; la gente es peligrosa, es odiosa y destructiva. esto algo totalmente exacerbado en mi país, y ademas, hace parte prácticamente de la norma que las personas se comporten como gente. eso es aterrador, eso da miedo y angustia y, una enorme tristeza teniendo en cuenta lo mucho que a fin de cuentas quiero y aprecio mi contexto. háblese particularmente de mi ciudad y de lo que la rodea.

ahora bien, eso es ser gente, eso es ser humano y eso es normal. pero aquí en mi contexto con ello, como decía, se llega a extremos inimaginables, cosas que todos sabemos y de las cuales solo las mal hechas son famosas. eso no es normal, eso no esta bien y eso no tiene ningún tipo de futuro o de continuidad. eso crea una maquinaria ensimismada en la mezquindad y dedicada la auto-conservación, la conservación de una idea de identidad aterradora, orgullosa e ignorante: gente.

ademas de los problemas a la mano, de la violencia, la democracia y la misma pobreza, hay algo que definitivamente no funciona. se suele considerar que este país lleva, 40 años en guerra, narco-guerra, guerra de guerrillas o lo que se quiera, pero efectivamente desde que existe como tal no ha habido un solo año exento de todos los problemas listados. y justamente las propuestas políticas responden a ellos, no a las personas.

ahora bien yo creo, que tengo un problema, yo creo, que hay algo en mi que tengo que tratar de arreglar, que esta violencia que vivo y en la que vivo no esta bien, yo creo que mi ansia e inquietud son producto de mi miedo que se explota en agresividad y en todos aquellos problemas. creo sobre todo que eso no esta bien y que tengo la capacidad de cambiar. quiero creer que puedo ser bueno (si, bueno) y puedo mejorar y puedo llevármela bien con el resto del mundo, puedo ser honesto, pacifico y social.

lo que han generado las corrientes elecciones es esto mismo. ese tipo de conciencia en las personas en pensar que arreglar los problemas de superficie sea conservar y alimentar mi peligrosidad, y que en cambio exista una inminente necesidad de replantearme a mi mismo y a mi contexto. en ello quiero no sentirme solo y me aterra pensar que yo no haga parte de la mayoría, pero me urge en este momento hacerlo, decirlo y compartirlo con la mayor cantidad de personas posibles.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010



-the latest haven't been the merriest of days.
-the latest have brought up unpleasant thoughts and a rather bitter feeling about things.
-the latest have been unusually hot. this is just making everything more difficult. the air smells as if i were somewhere else. the falls have dried up and the mountains have burned.

someone once wrote "there is something terribly wrong with this world".

so, what else? i decided cheer my self up by finally finishing the 6th series. here is the 6th and last episode which i hope you'll enjoy:


Thursday, February 11, 2010



here is a short movie (noia - "boredom") i made back in 2003. i am planning on re-editing the whole thing when i have the time, but as of now here is the original version:

noia from sod4602

also a video i recently worked in, to promote tourism in flandre, in which i did some generalist work:

direct links to my site:


Tuesday, February 09, 2010



so i've finally found a way to view and transfer some old cassettes i had lying around. just a couple of old work assignments, which do leave me, however, with a smile after watching them... i hope they will be of your liking too.

maybe it is just the fact that they are live action, and as i have said before i am currently eager to be involved, participate or produce such outputs.

anyways, much much work lately but i will finish the "6" series and there will be others to come (hopefully someone does share my enthuthiasm). and as usual some animations. recently i've been working on some video clips, spots, educational and corporate videos that we will hopefully get to see soon.

now here is the video "inverno" i was talking about, back from 2004 or 2003 (i'll get back to you on this). if i remember correctly the video had no intention other than amuse my self. i hope i will have the time to put some subtitles in it. in the mean time i just felt like updating my blog and site:

direct link to my site:

on a side note: please sign your comments or they will be deleted, due to spam filtering.

Friday, November 06, 2009

new works

here are a couple of works i have participated in over this here year of 2009:

...and a picture just to make these blog a bit nicer and colorful.


Friday, October 16, 2009


13.36 from sod4602

here is the 5th of the 6 series. i am almost done with this first chapter. i do hope that is someone has been following or has watched at least one video, and had something to say, will do so.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009


in my effort to multitask and expand away from my daily chores and my work, i am in the process of outputting information on several formats or means. tonight i inaugurated my vimeo page with a couple of videos.
pretty simple idea that should need no explanation, but just in case, it's fair to say i am into displacement and i am into music.

00.06 from sod4602.

01.46 from sod4602.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Devenir la parfaite ménagère

i just loved this here image. and people wonder why there are so many divorces nowadays...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

as of now

a quick hello, to share some latest with you.
i am currently working in a short film called "mice (a cat) and & men" a french production involving several studios. here you can see the trailer:
also i have been trying to keep my website up to date with new works and hopefully some new pictures and illustrations (and maybe even some text) will come about soon. i've been very busy with work, so hopefully soon, will actually be soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

new short spot

here is a short spot i worked in, near the end of last year. a new mcd hong kong spot.

it was a 1.5 day project. i hope to upload it in my site as well as some other new stuff, as soon as i get a highres version. this was the last xsi based project i've worked in. i've working in paris for over 2 moths in maya based productions.

McDonald's 24 hours 2009 from mo-c

hope you like it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Juno Mak Feat. Softhard

just some quick news to let you know the music video i worked in recently as character TD, is finished and online.
you can whatch it at:
and view the whole credits here

drop any comments you might have right here if you wish.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

the place i live in

i have been living in bogotá, colombia, south america for more than a year now. this is the place i was born in, and this is where i am from.
however i take some time now to write a few lines about it.

i've been having a rather great time lately, laughing a lot, drinking a lot, partying a lot, amusing myself. for me it is usually necessary to find people i like in order to bond with a place, in other words i believe i bond with places trough people. so fortunately i have now found great people here.

however this is a rather strange place. i believe "bogotanos" to be completely out of their minds, this is a very dangerous city, a very aggressive one, a very big one, a very chaotic one. i have put much thought into trying to understand what could have driven and still drives this place to be what it is. such selfishness, such hatred, such horrifying things that happen each and every day without a pause.
a girl that a friend of mine knows, was partying recently in one of the most common places to go to. at 4 am her friends accompanied her to take a bus back home. drunk and tired as she was, she got in. the day after she was found dead and raped in some field.

things like this unfortunately happen everywhere more often that you'd like to think. here however, things like this you hear every day, and much more happen which you don't even hear about. life has a very low price here, there is such much violence that things are counted by the dozen, the hundred, the thousands, so one more or less does not really make a difference. now what do you do? people have very different ways on going about life here, you might flee elsewhere, you might ignore the whole deal to be able to live a normal life, you live in fear, you might be always cautious, you might participate in chaos, you might become erratic and aggressive yourself, you might drink and drown in it as almost everyone does here, you might live happily cause it can be done, and it is done on a day to day basis.
i believe this things to be very important to be told, to be kept in mind, and to be "fought" in some way. therefore i decided to write this here today, and i might do so again in the future.
i believe people to be bad by nature; someone i know that works with children says people are driven bad as they grow. be that as it may, this place has no mental or physical boundaries that might help you keep or grow into "goodness".

hopefully i will be writing cheerful things soon.

thank you for the attention if you have taken the time to read this

Sunday, June 01, 2008


hello all
just a quick update to let you all know i have started to really use flickr. so here: you can see bits and pieces of my work and non work activities...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

page at frederator's awards

hello all!

so page d'ecriture has been nominated for a 2008 Channel Frederator Award in the "Best Foreign Film" category! to win this price would a great thing so hopefully you'll be voting for us at
congratulations and good luck to all the other nominees, especially "cocotte minute" and "anfang anzufangen" the other two runners for foreign film.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

well it's been a while since i've written anything, or published any works. perfectly good explanation for that, as i've been very busy, and... very busy. however i finished my site, and intend to keep it updated, with works and such.
currently i am still working freelance in Bogotá and enjoying it. recently i worked in the theater festival of my town, which turned out to be a great experience.

Friday, November 16, 2007

my new website

finally i've put up my web site.

it is still under construction but you'll be able to find some info about my work there. hopefully i'll be updating it soon with short movies, works, links, personal info and misc.

special thank to giribu and meh. how have helped enormously with everything a specially with the website.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

latest showreel version

hallo all!
i worked on some changes to my showreel a while ago. now i've been working for a month at a national TV called caracol. and i've been writing an article about CG in south america and differences with europe. hopefully i'll get the chance to finish it and publish it soon!

and a better quality version here

Thursday, July 12, 2007

recent news

hy i say.
good news i say.
recently rampicante won the first price at the arcipelago film festival, and best animation at the dervio film festival.
page d'ecriture won second price at dervio.
nice i say.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10000 reasons

i'm kind of in a hurry, but i have some news for you all.
as you know i came to colombia on holidays with the intention of checking out the whole situation here.
after probably a few days i had already decided i was going to stay. i waited so long to tell you all wating for some work things and such to take a firmer shape. now it's definitive.
i'll stay here for now and then, and eventually i'll move to a mountain with sheep and goats, fresh made cheese and snow on the winter.

i'm very sorry not being able to talk to you all personally and explain my self better, but this decision brings with it a lot of things to do right away.
in the meantime you can check out what me and kuark are doing on the evening:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

some news

this place is really nice. in very short time i've gotten huge surprises here. it's just obvious that this is where i come from and this my home in the end. other places i might consider my house but there is an unexplainable connection with this environment.
it's somewhat of correct pole direction of sorts. just where your north should be, or if the center of gravity just matches. that does not diminish other places or makes anything better, just different, fortunately that is something i haven't learned. things just tend to be very natural for me here, and i love that. needless to say my gods are here.
as some of you might know, i dunno yet where will i end up, or when. i'm just writing now to share these nice sensations with you.
by the side you see the lake. this a 2 year old picture, but it sure is still there and hopefully i'll visit it soon.

Friday, May 25, 2007

now you see me, now you don't

stealing the structure: as said before the importance might not be winning (this comes within the core of the play: everybody wins) the importance surely resides on playing, and how you play. you might wanna keep the illusion for yourself of being always on step ahead, just for the sake of your own stability, and for enjoying the play as winner should. so the whole situation becomes lovable, as everybody is sure to be the center of attention, the main event, and the cleverest around.

she, as clever as she is, as detached as she is, is nevertheless amused, and she likes that, therefore she's surprised and why not, curiously teased. in her being like a "sponge", and in her great need to communicate, she documents; nice relaxing thing that helps her keep the higher ground and attack with ace. as we all know the best defence is a good attack, and i could easily rest my case on that note, but there's more...

here we come up with the "now you see me, now you don't" trick approach, which allows you to tease not only with the "cleverest strike", but with sporadicus glances of unrevealed innocence and honesty. the cool thing is that no one knows who they are dealing with, or at least they might wanna think they don't. the whole thing just closes beautifully which incredible clearness and forwardness.

what a laugh!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

softimage certified instructor

i am now officially a softimage certified instructor. very nice thing indeed i'd say.
thanks to martìn cabrera how tutored me.
by the way my amazement is still notorious after almost a week in bogotà. this place is crazy, in a nice and not so nice way. i really like it anyway, it's great to come back home after this years with no real purpose, just to re-check it out.
one thing that comes to my mind right away, and might be of interest... the weather, it has gotten very hot over the last years, but it's still amazing how it can rain for 30 minutes at 12c grades, and 2 seconds after it'd stop and reach 20c.
by the way i'll be making some changes to my showreel from to tomorrow on. after some great advise from rg there are a few things to reconsider. i'll post the new version asp.

the picture below is near to where i spent mother's day with my family. sorry for the cable in the middle of the picture, but it was just... there.

Monday, May 14, 2007

la petite bête!


Friday, May 11, 2007


here i am.
not exactly the same view i've got, but same city anyway. rain and sunshine as i said before. strangest first glance of it: the colour of the ground from the plane. dark green, very very dark. now practically everything makes me wiggle, but unfortunately it wont last more than a week, and everything will become "normal".

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


right now i'm in barajas, madrid's airport. my flight has been delayed but i'll be slepping at 2600 mts tonight! rain and sunshine, rain and sunshine! as soon as i get the chance i'll post some photos from the eagle's mountain.
cheers to you all!