Saturday, March 31, 2007

θνῄσκω τῇ τιμῄ

alas! i finished Something! here i die for honour! therefore i die IN honour!

some greek spartanian enthusiasm lately... hope i could party like this every day.
LINK to one of the diploma shorts i worked in for my als year at school.

Friday, March 30, 2007

discrasia wip

just to show that i'm not on holydays and i'm not losing time... here are some wips from discrasia's shot 002 tube (the project i'm currently working on). there is no compositing. just shading and lighting. trying to get my favorite shaders to work together on this wanna-be realistic old dirty metal tube. in the mean time i wait for my windowed opportunity to persue what i want. change city now, change city later again when the window will open... my room looks like a room of some one who will soon move out, and i hopefully will, far and away.