Friday, May 25, 2007

now you see me, now you don't

stealing the structure: as said before the importance might not be winning (this comes within the core of the play: everybody wins) the importance surely resides on playing, and how you play. you might wanna keep the illusion for yourself of being always on step ahead, just for the sake of your own stability, and for enjoying the play as winner should. so the whole situation becomes lovable, as everybody is sure to be the center of attention, the main event, and the cleverest around.

she, as clever as she is, as detached as she is, is nevertheless amused, and she likes that, therefore she's surprised and why not, curiously teased. in her being like a "sponge", and in her great need to communicate, she documents; nice relaxing thing that helps her keep the higher ground and attack with ace. as we all know the best defence is a good attack, and i could easily rest my case on that note, but there's more...

here we come up with the "now you see me, now you don't" trick approach, which allows you to tease not only with the "cleverest strike", but with sporadicus glances of unrevealed innocence and honesty. the cool thing is that no one knows who they are dealing with, or at least they might wanna think they don't. the whole thing just closes beautifully which incredible clearness and forwardness.

what a laugh!

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