Wednesday, May 16, 2007

softimage certified instructor

i am now officially a softimage certified instructor. very nice thing indeed i'd say.
thanks to martìn cabrera how tutored me.
by the way my amazement is still notorious after almost a week in bogotà. this place is crazy, in a nice and not so nice way. i really like it anyway, it's great to come back home after this years with no real purpose, just to re-check it out.
one thing that comes to my mind right away, and might be of interest... the weather, it has gotten very hot over the last years, but it's still amazing how it can rain for 30 minutes at 12c grades, and 2 seconds after it'd stop and reach 20c.
by the way i'll be making some changes to my showreel from to tomorrow on. after some great advise from rg there are a few things to reconsider. i'll post the new version asp.

the picture below is near to where i spent mother's day with my family. sorry for the cable in the middle of the picture, but it was just... there.


a.g.barrows said...

bravo giuàn...
avanti così..

sod4602 said...

danke vecio