Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10000 reasons

i'm kind of in a hurry, but i have some news for you all.
as you know i came to colombia on holidays with the intention of checking out the whole situation here.
after probably a few days i had already decided i was going to stay. i waited so long to tell you all wating for some work things and such to take a firmer shape. now it's definitive.
i'll stay here for now and then, and eventually i'll move to a mountain with sheep and goats, fresh made cheese and snow on the winter.

i'm very sorry not being able to talk to you all personally and explain my self better, but this decision brings with it a lot of things to do right away.
in the meantime you can check out what me and kuark are doing on the evening:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

some news

this place is really nice. in very short time i've gotten huge surprises here. it's just obvious that this is where i come from and this my home in the end. other places i might consider my house but there is an unexplainable connection with this environment.
it's somewhat of correct pole direction of sorts. just where your north should be, or if the center of gravity just matches. that does not diminish other places or makes anything better, just different, fortunately that is something i haven't learned. things just tend to be very natural for me here, and i love that. needless to say my gods are here.
as some of you might know, i dunno yet where will i end up, or when. i'm just writing now to share these nice sensations with you.
by the side you see the lake. this a 2 year old picture, but it sure is still there and hopefully i'll visit it soon.