Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10000 reasons

i'm kind of in a hurry, but i have some news for you all.
as you know i came to colombia on holidays with the intention of checking out the whole situation here.
after probably a few days i had already decided i was going to stay. i waited so long to tell you all wating for some work things and such to take a firmer shape. now it's definitive.
i'll stay here for now and then, and eventually i'll move to a mountain with sheep and goats, fresh made cheese and snow on the winter.

i'm very sorry not being able to talk to you all personally and explain my self better, but this decision brings with it a lot of things to do right away.
in the meantime you can check out what me and kuark are doing on the evening:


accd said...


a.g.barrows said...

non ci resta a noialtri qua oltre l'oceano, nella sperduta repubblica delle banane, che augurarti buona fortuna, però cazzomerda ogni tanto fatti vedere.
riguardo alle foto credo che tu stia impazzendo, ma non ne sono ancora sicurissimo...
un abbraccio

sod4602 said...

ue! grazie sai!
fatti vedere dove? ma guarda che son sempre in giro io. non ho avuto internet per un periodo ma da oggi mi sa che torna.
insomma son sempre lí, pazzo o no...