Thursday, April 03, 2008

well it's been a while since i've written anything, or published any works. perfectly good explanation for that, as i've been very busy, and... very busy. however i finished my site, and intend to keep it updated, with works and such.
currently i am still working freelance in Bogotá and enjoying it. recently i worked in the theater festival of my town, which turned out to be a great experience.


Unknown said...

Ciao Juan!!!com'è?ho visto il tuo sito e ti faccio i miei complimenti x i lavori, molto belle le illustrazioni, soprattutto quelle sui cavalli.ciao ciao!

sod4602 said...

ue! ciao valeria!
grazie sai, son contento che piacciano. complimenti per cartoons on the bay e buon divertimento! tutto bene a torino?
a presto!

Unknown said...

Grazie grazie, di divenrtimento c'è poco ma va abb bene. Pensi di tornare un dì? A presto!