Saturday, June 21, 2008

the place i live in

i have been living in bogotá, colombia, south america for more than a year now. this is the place i was born in, and this is where i am from.
however i take some time now to write a few lines about it.

i've been having a rather great time lately, laughing a lot, drinking a lot, partying a lot, amusing myself. for me it is usually necessary to find people i like in order to bond with a place, in other words i believe i bond with places trough people. so fortunately i have now found great people here.

however this is a rather strange place. i believe "bogotanos" to be completely out of their minds, this is a very dangerous city, a very aggressive one, a very big one, a very chaotic one. i have put much thought into trying to understand what could have driven and still drives this place to be what it is. such selfishness, such hatred, such horrifying things that happen each and every day without a pause.
a girl that a friend of mine knows, was partying recently in one of the most common places to go to. at 4 am her friends accompanied her to take a bus back home. drunk and tired as she was, she got in. the day after she was found dead and raped in some field.

things like this unfortunately happen everywhere more often that you'd like to think. here however, things like this you hear every day, and much more happen which you don't even hear about. life has a very low price here, there is such much violence that things are counted by the dozen, the hundred, the thousands, so one more or less does not really make a difference. now what do you do? people have very different ways on going about life here, you might flee elsewhere, you might ignore the whole deal to be able to live a normal life, you live in fear, you might be always cautious, you might participate in chaos, you might become erratic and aggressive yourself, you might drink and drown in it as almost everyone does here, you might live happily cause it can be done, and it is done on a day to day basis.
i believe this things to be very important to be told, to be kept in mind, and to be "fought" in some way. therefore i decided to write this here today, and i might do so again in the future.
i believe people to be bad by nature; someone i know that works with children says people are driven bad as they grow. be that as it may, this place has no mental or physical boundaries that might help you keep or grow into "goodness".

hopefully i will be writing cheerful things soon.

thank you for the attention if you have taken the time to read this


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I suppose everyone is a little bit surrounded by what you described. I also believe in the rottingness of the human being - sometimes I amuse myself with my own thoughts...

Thanks for posting this, I'll give it some thought and hopefully do something at least with my own attitude - until the weekly routine make me forget that I live in the world and continue surviving selfishlessly again.

Unknown said...


it is really very nice to read about sth about another country, culture
life style. within the globalization this kind of stuffs, events are valid for every city and every type of people. so that it is no so extreme... terms like "goodness" as u mention, and also "justice", "bad" ect. has changed in modern lifes. it has created its ownd world and own terms...

i will follow ur blog.

nice to meet with ur blog:))