Saturday, September 25, 2010


a quick note to tell those of you who might not know, that i have again moved and will be here for a while this time.

i also just added a couple of recent projects on my site, so hopefully you'll pay a visit and check them out.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mice (a cat) & men

i wanted to share with you some stuff from a short film i recently worked on. the short film is around 20 minutes long, and it hasn't been completed yet, but there are a trailer and a series of making of's.

-trailer (in which i did not work)
-making of and blog
-facebook page (some images and info)

i specifically rigged 5 out the 8 main characters, quite a few props and something like 11 secondary characters. the rigging work was done together by me and the lead animator in around 5 months (including long pauses). the short has been on production for almost a year an a half, and to my knowledge should be finished soon.

i hope you like it, and i hope to be able to publish the finished thing soon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


finally!!! finally, finally here is the first part of the all new "local" series from "miarte". it took me a while, first cause i have had no spare time what so ever, and second cause i have been trying to gather good material. this series will be called .0. as there is no way to define exactly how many videos will it contain. i really hope you enjoy it, and hopefully new videos, from this and other series, will come very soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010


as usual i share the latest works i have participated in. you can watch them on my site, but here are vimeo versions (better quality, can be embedded and so on).

a new music video for juno:

and a new mcdonalds spot, for the world-cup:

Thursday, June 03, 2010


so, after much consideration, and bearing in mind that i do hate to talk "publicly" about this sort of arguments, i have decided to write this post about it anyways.

not only that, but the reason to write this blog in english has always been pretty clear. i am communicating with people from different places and the best chance i have for as many of you to understand what i say is by choosing this here language (taking as i have, my chances with it and my ignorance). now given that the argument at hand it's pretty local, as my life tends to be in the periods i spend here, this language choice is to be questioned and answered: spanish.


estoy preocupado, tengo tristeza y miedo.

hace poco decidí que por primera vez en mi vida voy a votar en las corrientes elecciones presidenciales de mi país, colombia. voy a votar no porque haya llegado a creer en una maquinaria política o social siquiera, no porque piense que efectivamente mi voto pueda tener algún efecto plausible, o porque adhiera a un partido o crea efectivamente en lo que dice "mi" candidato, ni siquiera voy a votar creyendo que mi voto venga considerado legalmente (viendo la historia de votaciones y de legalidad en general de mi país); voy a votar, en cambio, como le contaba a un amigo mio recientemente, para no sentirme solo.

porque ahora? la cosa que sucede es muy sencilla pero al mismo tiempo, que yo sepa, es innovadora o por lo menos históricamente mas generalizada de lo que jamas se ha visto. como dice alguna película: las personas son inteligentes, amables y respetuosas; la gente es peligrosa, es odiosa y destructiva. esto algo totalmente exacerbado en mi país, y ademas, hace parte prácticamente de la norma que las personas se comporten como gente. eso es aterrador, eso da miedo y angustia y, una enorme tristeza teniendo en cuenta lo mucho que a fin de cuentas quiero y aprecio mi contexto. háblese particularmente de mi ciudad y de lo que la rodea.

ahora bien, eso es ser gente, eso es ser humano y eso es normal. pero aquí en mi contexto con ello, como decía, se llega a extremos inimaginables, cosas que todos sabemos y de las cuales solo las mal hechas son famosas. eso no es normal, eso no esta bien y eso no tiene ningún tipo de futuro o de continuidad. eso crea una maquinaria ensimismada en la mezquindad y dedicada la auto-conservación, la conservación de una idea de identidad aterradora, orgullosa e ignorante: gente.

ademas de los problemas a la mano, de la violencia, la democracia y la misma pobreza, hay algo que definitivamente no funciona. se suele considerar que este país lleva, 40 años en guerra, narco-guerra, guerra de guerrillas o lo que se quiera, pero efectivamente desde que existe como tal no ha habido un solo año exento de todos los problemas listados. y justamente las propuestas políticas responden a ellos, no a las personas.

ahora bien yo creo, que tengo un problema, yo creo, que hay algo en mi que tengo que tratar de arreglar, que esta violencia que vivo y en la que vivo no esta bien, yo creo que mi ansia e inquietud son producto de mi miedo que se explota en agresividad y en todos aquellos problemas. creo sobre todo que eso no esta bien y que tengo la capacidad de cambiar. quiero creer que puedo ser bueno (si, bueno) y puedo mejorar y puedo llevármela bien con el resto del mundo, puedo ser honesto, pacifico y social.

lo que han generado las corrientes elecciones es esto mismo. ese tipo de conciencia en las personas en pensar que arreglar los problemas de superficie sea conservar y alimentar mi peligrosidad, y que en cambio exista una inminente necesidad de replantearme a mi mismo y a mi contexto. en ello quiero no sentirme solo y me aterra pensar que yo no haga parte de la mayoría, pero me urge en este momento hacerlo, decirlo y compartirlo con la mayor cantidad de personas posibles.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010



-the latest haven't been the merriest of days.
-the latest have brought up unpleasant thoughts and a rather bitter feeling about things.
-the latest have been unusually hot. this is just making everything more difficult. the air smells as if i were somewhere else. the falls have dried up and the mountains have burned.

someone once wrote "there is something terribly wrong with this world".

so, what else? i decided cheer my self up by finally finishing the 6th series. here is the 6th and last episode which i hope you'll enjoy:


Thursday, February 11, 2010



here is a short movie (noia - "boredom") i made back in 2003. i am planning on re-editing the whole thing when i have the time, but as of now here is the original version:

noia from sod4602

also a video i recently worked in, to promote tourism in flandre, in which i did some generalist work:

direct links to my site:


Tuesday, February 09, 2010



so i've finally found a way to view and transfer some old cassettes i had lying around. just a couple of old work assignments, which do leave me, however, with a smile after watching them... i hope they will be of your liking too.

maybe it is just the fact that they are live action, and as i have said before i am currently eager to be involved, participate or produce such outputs.

anyways, much much work lately but i will finish the "6" series and there will be others to come (hopefully someone does share my enthuthiasm). and as usual some animations. recently i've been working on some video clips, spots, educational and corporate videos that we will hopefully get to see soon.

now here is the video "inverno" i was talking about, back from 2004 or 2003 (i'll get back to you on this). if i remember correctly the video had no intention other than amuse my self. i hope i will have the time to put some subtitles in it. in the mean time i just felt like updating my blog and site:

direct link to my site:

on a side note: please sign your comments or they will be deleted, due to spam filtering.