Thursday, February 11, 2010



here is a short movie (noia - "boredom") i made back in 2003. i am planning on re-editing the whole thing when i have the time, but as of now here is the original version:

noia from sod4602

also a video i recently worked in, to promote tourism in flandre, in which i did some generalist work:

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010



so i've finally found a way to view and transfer some old cassettes i had lying around. just a couple of old work assignments, which do leave me, however, with a smile after watching them... i hope they will be of your liking too.

maybe it is just the fact that they are live action, and as i have said before i am currently eager to be involved, participate or produce such outputs.

anyways, much much work lately but i will finish the "6" series and there will be others to come (hopefully someone does share my enthuthiasm). and as usual some animations. recently i've been working on some video clips, spots, educational and corporate videos that we will hopefully get to see soon.

now here is the video "inverno" i was talking about, back from 2004 or 2003 (i'll get back to you on this). if i remember correctly the video had no intention other than amuse my self. i hope i will have the time to put some subtitles in it. in the mean time i just felt like updating my blog and site:

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