Tuesday, November 22, 2011

14 months - bournemouth, masters, london, mpc ...and g


well it's been roughly 14 months since i moved to the uk, and quite a lot has happened in this year and a bit. the main reason for me to come was a masters course which i completed recently and i am happy to say it went really well... you can even take a look at the awards ceremony here (although it is a couple of hours long i am among the first to go up at minute 14.00) gown and all.

also, as suggested in my previous post i recently moved to london. have been here for almost two months and it has been quite the experience. new flat, new neighbourhood, new commute, new job, new everything.
i have been working as a rigger in film at mpc for almost a month now and that too been a great change. being used to very small or medium studios, freelancing from home and also different cultures and places, this has been a massive change, of which for obvious reasons i can't speak much about. i can tell you only that i am working in some big awesome projects, scripting a lot and enjoying it!


Monday, October 17, 2011

a "little" bit of everything


i am not sure if people are still following this blog, that i started quite a while ago with the idea of sharing news and information with remote friends and family. i hope you can participate and comment; i have started to believe that i might be "talking" to myself, and therefore might start decreasing my activity.

now, the really important news... i am now living in the brand new city, with a brand new job. really excited about it all, after having very happily finished my masters. not only that: it is not only me, but it is two of us with exciting new jobs, and hopefully a brand new flat to come! as always, i rather keep news a little cryptic and let you either contact me directly or hunt around!


ps. the picture is relatively unrelated... i have to start taking more pictures.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

showreel 2011


i finally have a new showreel.
actually 2, a character TD:

breakdown: http://www.sod4602.com/docs/breakdown_2011.pdf

and a generalist one:

breakdown: http://www.sod4602.com/docs/breakdown_gen_2011.pdf

hope you liked them.
i am currently available for work so feel free to post or contact me, for this or to comment, critic, and other matters.


Saturday, August 06, 2011

more mice (a cat) and men


the short was finished a while ago, but has not yet been made public in the internet. however i found this clip googleing about:


hopefully i will be able to publish the whole thing soon.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a kinesiology guide for riggers and animators


i have been working as a rigger for a while. researching body mechanics is always a part of our work but unfortunately we do not always study body mechanics from a kinesiological point of view, but by combining observation with anatomical studies.

i recently had the time to make one (of hopefully many) guides to body mechanics for riggers and animators. this can viewed as the first chapter that concentrates in joint behaviour. hopefully i will have the time to describe this in detail and involvement of other systems in new chapters to this paper.

i hope you find it useful and can contribute with comments and critiques.


it is important to underline that the guide does not pretend to be a manual on joint placement or joint limitations in a 3d environment. it is again, a guide, to hopefully create systems more consciously and have a starting point when analysing or creating organic structures.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

the hosts at bu


this is a short film i participated in recently.
i took care of the production, character design, modelling, texturing and some effects.

production blog: http://the-hosts-blog.blogspot.com/
some breakdowns, turntables and so: http://www.vimeo.com/groups/thehosts

hope you like it.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

uk && mice (a cat) & men - preview

really have been enjoying my time here, trying to learn as much as i can and making the best of it. however i have been fairly busy and have not been able to post much news lately.
work keeps going on mice (a cat) & men and i wanted to share a shot that the good people back in the studio finished recently (if you are reading this trough buzz or other, please visit my blog as the video might not be displayed):

animation was done by my colleagues, and i have to say how nice it is to see characters properly interacting in-between themselves and mostly with the environment!
a new still as well: