Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a kinesiology guide for riggers and animators


i have been working as a rigger for a while. researching body mechanics is always a part of our work but unfortunately we do not always study body mechanics from a kinesiological point of view, but by combining observation with anatomical studies.

i recently had the time to make one (of hopefully many) guides to body mechanics for riggers and animators. this can viewed as the first chapter that concentrates in joint behaviour. hopefully i will have the time to describe this in detail and involvement of other systems in new chapters to this paper.

i hope you find it useful and can contribute with comments and critiques.

it is important to underline that the guide does not pretend to be a manual on joint placement or joint limitations in a 3d environment. it is again, a guide, to hopefully create systems more consciously and have a starting point when analysing or creating organic structures.