Monday, October 17, 2011

a "little" bit of everything


i am not sure if people are still following this blog, that i started quite a while ago with the idea of sharing news and information with remote friends and family. i hope you can participate and comment; i have started to believe that i might be "talking" to myself, and therefore might start decreasing my activity.

now, the really important news... i am now living in the brand new city, with a brand new job. really excited about it all, after having very happily finished my masters. not only that: it is not only me, but it is two of us with exciting new jobs, and hopefully a brand new flat to come! as always, i rather keep news a little cryptic and let you either contact me directly or hunt around!


ps. the picture is relatively unrelated... i have to start taking more pictures.


Pierre Schiller said...

Dude, the walls aren´t reading you. I am. :)

sod4602 said...

hey pierre.
thank you very much for the comment. greatly appreciated. i am going to edit this post as soon as i have some time and talk a little about new stuff.
cheers again!

Pen and Ink said...

Very interesting blog. Yes someone out here is reading. I know nothing about the kind of work you do but what I see here is fascinating.

To get more readers, read others' blogs and comment. It is amazing how interesting some of the work of others is and it expands your readership somewhat randomly - all interesting.

Good luck in your new location and with your work. Thanks for sharing.

sod4602 said...

thank you Pen and Ink!
will take your advise and do some active blogging.