Tuesday, November 22, 2011

14 months - bournemouth, masters, london, mpc ...and g


well it's been roughly 14 months since i moved to the uk, and quite a lot has happened in this year and a bit. the main reason for me to come was a masters course which i completed recently and i am happy to say it went really well... you can even take a look at the awards ceremony here (although it is a couple of hours long i am among the first to go up at minute 14.00) gown and all.

also, as suggested in my previous post i recently moved to london. have been here for almost two months and it has been quite the experience. new flat, new neighbourhood, new commute, new job, new everything.
i have been working as a rigger in film at mpc for almost a month now and that too been a great change. being used to very small or medium studios, freelancing from home and also different cultures and places, this has been a massive change, of which for obvious reasons i can't speak much about. i can tell you only that i am working in some big awesome projects, scripting a lot and enjoying it!


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